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Should We Be Planting 21st Century "Victory Gardens"?

Decidedly, yes. Unlike WW2, today we are at war with ourselves, our food supply, and our environment. Each and every one of us can contribute to reducing global warming and at the same time potentially lower our food costs by efficiently growing a portion of our own food. All you need to start is a sunny window, a patio, or a small yard. Aside from being extremely satisfying, growing your own vegetables and herbs is a win for the planet and for us.

This approach could even have an impact on the 'saleability' of new housing construction. At home we have a detached garage that has a two-foot deep organic roof garden. During the fall and winter we grow swiss chard, broccoli, brussels sprouts and other winter crops on the roof. In spring and summer, we grow tomatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, melons, artichokes and even lemon grass (for Thai cooking) on the top of our garage - while the soil insulation keeps the garage cool. We not only enjoy the produce we grow, but also feel that we are helping in a very small way to make this world a better place. On a personal level, we practice what we preach.

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